• I am still learning to blog so forgive any mishaps I may have. Ignorance is bliss at this point! (and if you have tips, tricks, or constructive criticism pass those puppies along...pahleeeze!)

• I used to blog often, but then took a hiatus to focus on my career. I am happy to be back, posting again, and chatting with new friends!

• I consider myself a huge dweeb and I am okay with that.

• I really love to make lists and organize. You will probably see some here and there in those blog.

• When time permits, I try my best to stick to a blog schedule and theme. Time hasn't permitted as of yet.

• I love learning about marketing, branding, and social media; and I am always asking questions about each of them. I am sure my blog will reflect this here and there.

• What I post on here reflecting my personal life and views. My professional life is very important to me and while I will post now and again in regards to it, I will reserve most of those posts to my professional website.

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